Is Wen By Chaz For You?

The hair care product, Wen by Chaz is one that many women are trying, and finding a lot of success when they use it as directed. They like the results that they are able to get in a short time with their hair. When they use the product, they find that their hair looks and feels a lot better than before they tried the Wen by Chaz hair care product.

Emily McClure Wrote About Her Experience With The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product

In there was an article about a woman that used the cleansing conditioner from the Wen hair care product line. Her name is Emily McClure. She had a great experience with the Wen by Chaz hair care product, and used it as it was meant to be used. She said that the product did do what it says, and that her hair looked and felt much better after she used it.

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Is The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product For You?

You will only know this after you try it, and you will see that your hair will look and feel a lot better after you do. That is because it was made with women in mind, and that means, that women with any kind of hair can use it. All hair types benefit from the use of the Wen by Chaz hair care product.

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When you purchase Wen, you may want to pick up an extra couple of bottles. They make wonderful gift ideas for the women in your life. They too will benefit from using Wen hair care products. It is a product that will show results in very, little time.

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The Incredible Hair System Of Wen By Chaz

Wen HairChaz Dean, the founder of Wen Hair Care discovered he has an amazing passion for hair, because of his photography. While taking numerous courses in photography, the courses triggered him to try his hand at cosmetology school. This was when he started his career in both the cutting and coloring of hair.

The line of products he developed were the beginning of Wen by Chaz. Specialized conditioners that cleansed as well, were able to bring needed hydration to the hair. Now, this online site carries amazing systems for hair care that have made this company such a success. Available in such beautiful fragrances as pomegranate and lavender, these products smell as good as they work.

The Wen by Chaz system consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream all-in-one. There are multiple systems available to encompass the different types of hair. In order to achieve the desired effects, this system needs seven days to transform your hair.

On the first day, it is important to follow the directions on the Wen bottle. The woman who started this treatment had thin hair and noticed a thickness in her hair that was not there before. She also noticed she was not losing as much hair during her shower. After her hair had dried, it was definitely had more shine.

On the second day, she noticed her hair seemed a bot greasy but continued with the treatment because she believed the end result would be well worth it.

On the third day, the greasy feel was starting to dissipate. She also noticed a lot of added shine by the days end. She felt her hair was beginning to look healthier than usual. She was impressed so far.

By the fourth day she was unfortunately running quite late and was not able to take a shower and apply the treatment. This cause a problem for her with the grease.

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The fifth day was much better. After applying the treatment and drying her hair, it was unbelievably soft to the touch. Now the confidence was building and she was happy.

By the sixth day, her friends were complimenting her on how beautiful and shiny her hair was.

The seventh and final day revealed the truth. Her hair was shiny, bouncy and looked fantastic. The system worked.

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Why Lip Balm is important for your Lips

Many people only view lip balms as a beauty products overlooking its health benefits. This is mainly because lip balms and lipsticks are usually associated with people known to have a high demand for beauty products.

On the contrary, lip balms play important health roles by keeping one’s lips moisturized be it in the winter or summer. On average, people should use lip balms at least once in a day. The number of times you apply a lip balm depends on the nature of your lips. If your lips tend to be drier than normal or if you lick your lips often, then you may need to apply a lip balm several times in a day.

Lip balms may contain natural unflavored products or a concoction of several products blend together to enhance a certain color or taste. Applying lip balm daily is important because lips contain a very thin layer of skin that is vulnerable to adverse weather changes.

There are many lip balm brands in the market that serve diverse needs and tastes of customers. One of the popular lip balm brands is Evolution of Smooth (EOS). EOS is an American company that specializes in making beauty products. EOS lip balm manufactured products are among the top brands in the world.

The product is designed for easy application and maximum protection for all type of lips. As such, it is packaged in a classy, easy to use container. It is also meets and exceeds all safety standards making sure that the product applied on a user’s lips, or possibly swallowed, is not a hazard to health.

EOS lip balm has enjoyed an overwhelming reception from customers and even being endorsed by celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff. EOS joined the market in 2009 and has already become the best-selling lip balm in the world. Check out the products on Lucky Vitamin and at ULTA.



Billy McFarland’s Expertise in Founding Tech Companies

Billy McFarland is one of the most talented self-developed tech entrepreneurs who is ever focusing on improving people’s lives to the top class. Billy McFarland started this great mission of founding company as a teenager when he founded a company to connect clients to their designers.

McFarland attended the Bucknell University based in Lewisburg, for his higher education and was pursuing a course in Computer Engineering upon which he dropped as a freshman. McFarland then went to found a company by the name Spring, of which he is the CEO up to date. Spring which is an online ad platform.

At his early twenties, Billy founded yet another company, Magnises, with the aim of exposing the millennials to the high-level experiences. Magnises is known to represent the peoples’ leveling up idea. Magnises founded in 2013 and later launched in 2014 uses a black metallic card designed to link the people’s debit and credit. The Magnises card has a monthly membership subscription fee of 25 dollars only.

With the card, the member can enjoy the access to various VIP club services. These services include; hotel discounts, virtual assistants based on an app, the secret restaurant menus, private member spaces and hidden dining rooms. Ideally, Magnises was established to target people between the ages 21 years and 35 years.

The Magness has received tremendous growth since its idea conception, foundation serving New York, Washington D.C and now expanding its services at Chicago, Atlanta, London and Los Angeles. The Magnises Company has recently shifted its offices from the West Village to the Lower East Side at Rivington.

Magnises’ services get better with its growth. The company’s services are focused more on the locals and the communities. It is known to host networking events every week with sponsorships from the outside parties.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland innovative and entrepreneur mind has led him to be featured in several media publications labeled as the “Mastermind,” The “Tech Wiz” and the “The Money Man for Millennials.”

Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Experience

Eric Lefkofsky has been in the business industry for many years. He has worked hard to make sure that things are better for the businesses that he works with and this has given him the chance to do things that are better for the businesses.

The expertise that Eric Lefkofsky has gives him the chance to make sure that things are better for each of the businesses that he is in. He wants to make sure that each business has the chance to make sure that things are working for the business. It has given him the chance to do things that are better and has also allowed him the chance to do different things. When it comes to business, Eric Lefkofsky is confident that the skills he has are the best and are able to make things better for each of the companies that he works with.

With only a short education career under his belt, Eric Lefkofsky began working in business. He sold carpet when he first started out and this gave him the chance to see what sales was really all about. It also allowed him to see how successful he could truly be in sales if only he worked hard for it. He did just that and he continued to work in sales throughout the time that he has been a part of. It was something that he felt would help him later on and he learned that he was really good at doing things in sales.

Now that Eric Lefkofsky has been so successful, he is now able to help other people be successful. He teaches courses in both sales and doing business with different things. It has been a great deal for people who want to be able to do different things. Eric Lefkofsky has given people the chance to learn what they can do with their businesses and with the businesses that they run. He wants to make sure that each of the people who he works with knows how to do things that are right with the businesses they are in.

Eric Lefkofsky is the current CEO of the major savings site Groupon. He has worked for the company for many years and he continues to offer them the best savings possible. This has allowed him the chance to be successful and has also brought a lot of success to the company. Groupon was a great company before he was the CEO, but it has vastly improved in the time that he has been running the business. He understands how savings is able to help the customers of Groupon and how it can help the business that he is in.

With all of the success that Eric Lefkofsky has seen, it is not a bad idea to think that he is going to slow down. This is not the case. Eric Lefkofsky plans to continue being as successful as possible during his time in business. He wants to make sure that everyone gets a chance to get the great deals that he has to offer them. He wants to make sure that everyone can be as successful as him. Unlike other CEOs, he wants the average person to have the chance to be as successful as what he has been in his career.

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Adam Milstein Receives Recognition for His Charitable Works.

Adam Milstein, the co-founder and chairman of the Israel-American Council (IAC), was recently recognized by the Jerusalem Post as one of the 50 most influential Jewish figures. This attribute comes by due to Mr. Milstein’s impact in the world for the past year, and his potential to impact even greater change in the years to come. Adam Milstein was ranked number 39 in the list for upholding the principles of active philanthropy, funding projects that initiate considerable impact and also for building synergies between various major organizations. Aside from his charitable, works Mr. Milstein is also known for being an activist and a leader of many prominent Jewish organizations, including Hasbara Fellowships, the Israel on Campus Coalition and the AIPAC National Council.

Other political figures that were put on the list include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Supreme Court Justice and U.S Senator Charles Schumer. Also there on the list there were Jewish philanthropists such as Haim Saban, Shelson Adelson, and Jewish entertainers such as Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot.

During an interview, Mr. Milstein expressed his joy in being among the fifty remarkable Jewish leaders that were selected for the list. He also did not fail to mention that his success would not have been possible without the help of his wife Gila Milstein, the IAC and the many other organizations that he had partnered with over the years. The award not only recognizes top Jewish leaders but also acts as a testament to the accomplishments made by the Israel-American community over the past years.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein is a real estate investor and philanthropist, and is also among the managing partners of Hager Pacific Properties. His philanthropic works, however, were initiated in 2000 when he and his wife, Gila Milstein, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Mr. Milstein was born to Hillel Milstein, a real estate developer, and Eva Milstein, a home maker. Mr. Milstein also served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur War and later on enrolled in the Technion, where he attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics in 1978. He became inducted into the real estate business when he joined his father during his higher education years.

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Goettl Has Indeed Bought Moore Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning has acquired Moore Air Conditioning. The Chief Executive Officer of Goettl, Ken Goodrich, has assured all their satisfied customers in the Las Vegas Valley that this acquisition will only have a positive impact on the quality of Goettl’s service. Goodrich has a plan to leverage his renewed company with an ever expanding workforce to effectively handle the increased interest customers are having in signing on with Goettl’s air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services.

As the company grows, Goodrich has plans to hire more people, with immediate plans to increase the workforce by a significant amount, even to growing into a 50 percent larger company in the next couple of years. He knows better than anyone in this hot desert climate, the need for immediate and expert air conditioning equipment and the trained technicians who both install it, but also work hard to keep it in operation. The Las Vegas area has some of the hottest and driest weather on the Earth. Everyone who lives here must have a good relationship with a solid HVAC company.

Bringing Moore Air Conditioning on is a big win for Goettl. The company had operated in the area for more than 50 years. Goodrich plans to hire over 100 people into new positions with the expanded company in less than 2 years. He sees the added value Moore’s organization brings to Goettl, increasing their combined HVAC company professional experience to more than 300 years! Bill Moore was the president at Moore Air Conditioning. He voiced his excitement in continuing to work with people for which he has always shared a mutual respect.

Goodrich said all new technicians will be hired through their partnership with the air conditioning program at the College of Southern Nevada. He does work closely with this college to give back. In honor of his late father, he started the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program at the school. He did not stop there, also creating the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program in support of veterans’ employment. Much of this information came from this PRNewswire article.

Clay Siegall Joins Mirna Therapeutics

Mirna Therapeutics is a renowned biotechnology company that is based in the US. The institution focuses on the commercialization and development of microRNA therapeutics. Since it was founded years ago, the biotechnology company has done its best to advance cancer treatment.

Not long ago, the institution announced that Clay B Siegall would be working as the outside Director of Mirna Therapeutics Board. Siegall is the president and chief executive officer of a biotechnology company known as Seattle Genetics. Siegall is also the chairman of the board of directors in Seattle Genetics.

The Mirna Therapeutics team of professionals is very excited about the new board member. According to them, Clay Siegall has a lot of experience in the industry, and he has a lot of respected for making significant achievements in the oncology world. Clay has successfully developed Seattle Genetics from scratch, and this means that he has all the experience needed for the position.

MicroRNA-based therapeutics have become a very exciting area in cancer treatment, and Mirna is doing its best to come up with reliable therapies that will help the treatment of the deadly disease. Siegall will be expected to work with the biotechnology company to advance these treatments.

Siegall founded Seattle Genetics after working in the biotechnology industry for a very long time. He acquired a lot of experience in these years, and this is one of the reasons why he has done so well. His company has developed a special drug known as Adcetris, and it is already doing well in the competitive market.

Today, Adcetris is being used in different parts of the globe, and it has cured over fifteen thousand cases of lymphomas. Individuals and doctors say that the drug is active, and it is helping many people living with cancer by giving them a new phase of life.

This year, Clay Siegall and his company decided to raise more capital to help in the development of better cancer drugs. The capital raising activities were very successful, and the company will be hiring more staff and introducing more therapies in the next five years. Clay says that his company will make sure that more drugs are developed in the shortest duration.

Makeup Tutorials And Tips Make For Great Looks


As more and more girls strive to look good with their makeup, the request for makeup tutorials and tips has gone up too. More of these tips have been published online and helped many girls to put on their makeup. Some of these girls are just starting to wear makeup and other, more experienced makeup wearers are improving their looks with these useful tips.


It is important to understand that the way you put on makeup might change depending on the look and style you are going for. For example, you might do one style of makeup for work and another style to go to a party. The way you apply the make up might change as will the colors and the way you shade. You might want to draw focus to your brows and your eyes at one time or draw attentions to your lips during another time. The makeup tips you will use all depend on what you are trying to do.


Another thing that is important in the type or brand of makeup you use. Lime Crime is a great example. When you are looking for a makeup brand that is colorful and fun, Lime Crime has it hands down. The whole idea behind this makeup brand is freedom of personal expression.

Lime Crime offers some amazing products for both lips and eyes. This makeup brand will make you feel great about using their products too. There is no animal testing and the ingredients that they are made from are vegan approved. Let’s talk about making those eyes stand out. First pick a color that you love. Perhaps a purple shade. Along the lower lash, on both the outside and inner eyelid corners you can start to apply this color. Draw it out if you will. The second step will be to fill it in. Select another color, like in this case perhaps a nice gold would work. You will fill the middle part of the eyelid with this new color. Next top it off with some mascara. After you get that applied you can always make it look more winged by using a short bristle tip and sweeping the lashes up and out. Don’t forget to top it off with an amazing hair and lipstick color. Read more about what you can do with Lime Crime looks for yourself on The Daily Fashion Inspiration, or from their own Tumblr page.

Tips for Eliminating Bad Press Using Online Reputation Management

The Internet has turned out to be one of the most important digital assets when it comes to determining the reputation and image of a particular brand. Nowadays, a single article trending on the Internet, can dramatically affect how people perceives a brand. Negative reputation can slow down the growth of the business and affect its performance.

Simple ways for managing your business’ reputation

  • Monitor your business’ online reputation

Do quick searches of your company on establish search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing and determine its ranking. Go to the second and probably the third page and check out the nature of information that is available. Do not stop there; research firm keywords, popular firm misspellings, firm phrases and note down information such as negative press. Ensure all your employees have positive reviews from clients.

  • Create an incredible online presence

Focus on strengthening the online presence of your business by creating websites, social media, business review sites, and blogs for it. Join a few social media sites for easy management. Post new updates, engage, and like users’ page. Make sure all your updates are a perfect blend of images, words, and Video.

  • Handle genuine issues

Not all bad presses can damage your online reputation. Some people will structure their views to target your firm negatively in a light touch, but with a concealed agenda. Others may be posting negative comments to attract attention. Learn to tell the difference between the two scenarios and focus on resolving legitimate issues.

  • Rely on online reputation management to eliminate bad press

Develop a habit of posting exciting, positive, unique, and relevant updates about your company on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. These updates will shove bad press down to the fifth and sixth pages. Respond to the complaints from your clients on time and invite them to chat via email or phone. Refrain from engaging in vindictive, horrible exchanges. Search engine alerts are essential reputation management tools. For instance, Google Alerts keeps track on your search terms and avail the results in your inbox instantly, daily, or weekly based on your settings.