Todd Lubar: A Life of Success

Todd Lubar, who currently serves as the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and as the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments, has had a rather remarkable career.


In 1995, shortly after earning a B.A. in speech communication from Syracuse University, Todd began his foray into the mortgage banking industry when he accepted a position with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He quickly developed a network of industry professionals that included real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’s and insurance agents. These invaluable connections would serve as the building block to a lucrative career for Lubar.


In 1999 he moved on to Legacy financial Group, where he gained the ability to lend as a direct mortgage bank and broker loans.


Later, in 2002, he struck out on his own by founding the company Legendary Properties, LLC., a residential development company. Which would lead to better connections with lending institutions and the ability to open credit lines as high as $20 million.


His next major business venture was a short time later when, in 2003, Todd started Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation.


His vast experience in his field afforded him the ability to identify under served clients. To fill this gap he started Legendary Financial, LLC, which was able to serve clients who, otherwise, may have been overlooked by other lenders.


When the housing market became unstable in 2007 he looked towards other business opportunities including commercial demolition, automotive scrap metal, night clubs, and recycling.


Todd Lubar, now a father of 2 who lives in Bethesda, Maryland, undoubtedly has the ability to excel in any position and adapt to any industry.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Tips on how to take quality photos using a Smartphone

To achieve clear and quality pictures as those of a standard digital camera using a smartphone, you need to apply the following tricks according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

Take extra time
With a smartphone, we can get a quality photo if only we can take extra seconds to ensure the composition is excellent and everything else is in order. It is one of the fundamental aspects of good photography that can improve your photos.

Apply the Composition Principles
How you position your photo to compose a scene matters, for instance, placing the horizon in the middle of a scene will imbalance your photo. There are some rules of composition on that you need to learn and apply to ensure photo balance is achieved.

Come closer
Most smartphones do not provide Optical zoom, and when you try to zoom the photo becomes distorted. Instead, you should approach your target object, and capture a photo while at a closer position. It will help improve its quality.

Remove the Flash
The light produced by a camera flash of your smartphone can create odd shadows and highlights, and end up ruining the photo. Always turn it off especially when it is not necessary, and take advantage of the natural light to take quality photos.

Uses a Different Camera Application
The phone will come with an inbuilt camera app, and despite that it works well for the purpose on, a third party app can work better to produce quality shots. You might be required to pay for some of these third party apps, but the improvement in the quality of photos renders the cost worth it.

Understand your Camera Application options
There exist some camera apps that can be a bit complicated to use, and not understanding the options therein will hinder you from taking the shots you want. Read the developers instructions or watch the YouTube tutorials to understand your camera options at

Apply the High Dynamic Range (HDR)
HDR is a double-edged weapon that helps to attain a balanced exposure for a photo that has reflections and shadows. Never exaggerate the HDR because if you do, the photo will come out strangely. You can leave the HDR in the default mode to ensure balance is achieved.

Use Filters Moderately
It is never a good idea to over-use filters on your photos, instead, chose the kind of focus you want to achieve with the filter before applying any on your photos.

Learn to Edit
Editing of photos can be a bit intimidating, but you can learn through online photo editing courses or just make adjustments using a phone application, have fun and choose the best.

Ensure the Lens is Clean
Your phone passes through many surfaces in a day, and most probably its lens camera will get dirty. Clean the lens regularly to avoid blurred pictures.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was born in 1979 in Venezuela, South America. He is a prominent entrepreneur who since 2011 has been living in Panama after he became an integral part of the community and country at large. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a director of renowned companies in Panama and is still pursuing other business ventures.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a member of Panama City trade associations where he molds young entrepreneurs and assists in business growth to improve the economy of the country.

A Business Plan to Be Successful


A business model is a general idea of how a business will run. It lays out plans and strategies that will be used to make the business successful. Don Ressler has always said, when interviewed, a good business model will help a business achieve success. A bad business model will lead the business to failure. Business models are not set in stone and a good company will know when it is time to makes changes to the model.


Fabletics is an online athletic wear company. They opened in October of 2013. In the three years since they have been in business, they have seen positive growth of at least 35% each year. They began with a good business model and as the company grew, the business model evolved.


Starting out, Fabletics only sold their products through their website. Everything available we presented and could be ordered. Customers had the option to sign up and become a VIP member. Being a member gave the customer access to special deals and a more customized shopping experience.


Through this model, Fabletics gained a loyal fan base. Customers knew what products were available and which ones they liked best. Repeat customers became common. Even with the repeat customers, Fabletics saw that it was time to revise the business model.


Being based completely online proved to be a positive experience, one that Don Ressler specifically targeted when initially raising money for the venture. The repeat customers gave valuable feedback as to what products were popular and where the customers were. This information allowed Fabletics to be smart when they opened their physical stores.


Fabletics has physical stores placed around the country in select locations. There are plans to open more. An advantage that Fabletics has by starting online is that when their doors open, they will already have a loyal fan base. Customers already know the products and have their favorites.


There is no right way to run a business. Each business is unique and should be treated as such. Fabletics has found the business model that works for them and are successful because of it.  Read more about Fabletics, and Mr. Ressler’s other ventures on his TechStyle website.

Talk Fusion Exits 2016 With an Outstanding Award

Talk Fusion currently one of the largest video chatting development companies. They have just released their highly requested mobile Video Chat platform. This application gives a new meaning to obtaining resources needed to communicate with other businesses all across the planet


Users have plenty of ways to connect each other with group chats and group calls. The app easily connects with your contacts to find those that users may want to talk too. That can include friends, family, and co-workers. The modern design makes this app so appealing to large audiences.


Last year Video Chat was honored with 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. In addition, this app was one of the top downloaded for several months. It works well with many different devices the use Android and Apple. Neither system had any problems. All of the communication is done in real time so there is no delays or having to sit around and wait a long time for others to respond.


There are several communication that will make you to download the application or upgrades, and some even force you to register an email and contact information, but Video Chat can operate without any of that. To get started users just simply open up the app, request to talk to contacts, and then begin typing messages. Both parties can be shown face-to-face within minutes. When users are talking and seeing each other real time the group tends to be more focused and get work done faster.


Talk fusion was the first company to hand out a great Video Marketing Solution. None of the other apps have been able to be compared to this platform. Video Chat will continue to work with businesses and help them beat their competition, earn more profits, and establish customer loyalty.


Talk Fusion has altered the game of marketing. Video marketing makes advertisement messages more engaging and entertaining. With the internet accessible almost anywhere around the globe it is easy for millions of people to see these messages.


There is no credit card or payment option required to get started with this application. Each user is granted a 30-day trial.


Enlightenment through Kabbalah Teachings

The Kabbalah Center is an international organization based in Los Angeles, California. It provides lessons on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings through online platforms and Kabbalah centers located in different locations across the Globe. The platform through which Kabbalah is presented was first developed by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. The organization has employed the use of multi-ethnic and international staff to help in the teaching of Kabbalah.
In the late centuries, the Kabbalah teachings were meant to be taught to men of the age above 40 years. It was thought to be a sophisticated teaching that only people above this age limit would understand. It is believed that the wisdom of Kabbalah was a gift awarded to man by God. It was, therefore, protected and only allowed to be studied by a Chosen few.
Over the years, however, the teachings have been broken down to several different languages. It has also been made available to all kind of people regardless of color, age, and religion. The teachings began in 1965 after Philip Berg founded the National Research Institute of Kabbalah Centre in the United States of America. Later, a Kabbalah center was opened in New York City in 1984. The opening of this center was to facilitate and help in spreading the teachings of Kabbalah across the United States.
Through its teachings, the Kabbalah seeks to enlighten and give people a sense of worthiness. It is believed that each and every one has unique purposes for which we are meant to fulfill. Kabbalah teachings seek to help people understand their purpose in life. Through its teachings, it has aided in bringing a sense of fulfillment to those that have actively practiced its teaching.
Today, the Kabbalah Center has taken a new approach through which it delivers its message. The center begins with the Kabbalah teachings that do not require knowledge of the Hebrew and Jewish teachings as a prerequisite of understanding. Adopting this Strategy ensures the beginners don’t mistake it as a religious teaching rather than a universal education of life. The Organization has over 50 centers through which one can enroll and take Lessons.

Keith Mann: Looking Out For The Police

Keith Mann is not the type of person that believes everything that he reads out there. He knows that with the Internet, there can be a lot of things said and written in today’s day and age. It is all about click bait and trying to get as many readers as possible. That is what it boils down to for a good number of people. They don’t care who gets hurt in the process or if any of what they are saying is true. They are going to go out there and spread lies about people. The sad truth is that negativity sells and it sells in a big way. People love a juicy store. When you turn on the news, you never hear any positive stories or good stories. It is very depressing to say the least.


The latest to fall victim to this is the police. They have come under fire from a number of people for a few incidents. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has seen and heard enough of it. He has an uncle that is a detective and he know what the truth is, and he does not buy any of the baloney that the media is trying to force feed to people. He knows deep down they are good people and they have good intentions. They are not trying to hurt anyone or cause anyone damage. It is the opposite in fact, as they are trying to save lives and make things better for everyone out there.


That is why he took it upon himself to treat the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two separate occasions. He knew this was the kind of gesture that would not go ignored or overlooked by the police. They an appreciative bunch and they are grateful that someone is taking the time to think about them and do something nice for them. Everybody loves free food and the fact he did this twice just hammers home the point that Keith Mann can tell what is real and what is false. He is a smart man and that is why Dynamics Search Partners is doing so well.

3 Essential Oils That Can Fix Your Hair Woes

All of us want gorgeous hair, but many of us have recurring issues such as dryness, dandruff and frizz. There are products on the market that promise to fix these hair issues but often they come with a hefty price tag and are full of chemicals that actually make your hair problems worse.

Thankfully, there are essential oils that are inexpensive and have been proven to naturally cure our most common hair complaints. Simply dilute these essential oils in water and apply them to the hair after washing, and your hair woes will disappear.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties as well as its minty fresh scent. Tea tree oil treats problems on the scalp such as dandruff, irritation and itchiness. It will also clean hair thoroughly by naturally getting rid of dirt, and it has been shown to remove dead skin cells off the skin’s surface which promotes new cell growth.

  1. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil not only smells delicious, but it is also full of antioxidants and has been shown to prevent hair thinning and graying. Rosemary oil can also stimulate hair growth thanks to its unique ability to support healthy blood flow.

  1. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile tea is known for its ability to relax the mind and body, and chamomile essential oil provides a similar effect on hair. This oil reduces frizz and makes hair softer and more manageable.

Today, there are products on the market that use these essential oils to treat common hair woes naturally. A popular product is the Cleansing Conditioner by Wen by Chaz, which uses only natural ingredients including essential oils.

Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner gently cleans and conditions hair at the same time using ingredients like rosemary and chamomile to soothe your hair and scalp and minimize frizz and dryness. This product will heal even the most unhealthy hair in no time. The products are Sephora available.

For more hair care tips, follow WEN Hair care on Twitter and visit our CrunchBase page.

Securus: The Best Company You Haven’t Heard Of

Securus Technologies is caught in this weird little bubble. They are a telecommunications company that services the criminal justice system. Specifically, they provide telecommunications services to jails and prisons in almost every state of the country.


You have to understand something about our criminal justice system — everything works on exclusive government contracts. There is no such thing as capitalism when it comes to making phone calls into or out of a prison. The prison has granted a telecommunications company the exclusive rights to serve that particular facility. So, if you are a prisoner looking to make a phone call, you must use whatever telecommunications company that prison has chosen.


And telecommunications companies get a bad rap because of entities like Global Tel-Link. Global Tel-Link abuses their position of power. Their customers are literally locked up and the use that as leverage in order to increase prices. They rake in over $500 million per year jacking up the price on our most vulnerable citizens.


Securus, on the other hand, has the best customer service in the industry. In fact, they are accredited and hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also come out with rad technology like video visitation. Video visitation allows families and friends to virtually visit with their inmate. It is incredibly easy to use for anybody and it is also very affordable.


And if you have any problems, you can call Securus. They have a huge customer service center dedicated to phone calls. You won’t be put on hold very long and you can expect a resolution on the very first phone call.


So what does this incredible company do? They only serve prisons and they do a heckuva job. Do they pay for commercials? Do they make Internet ads? Right now, they are just doing a great job while nobody is watching.


Wen by Chaz: Luxury Hair Care

For those that haven’t found much look in their everyday hair care items or those looking to simply try something new, Wen hair by Chaz is a great alternative. The healthy hair care brand is one of the top selling names among salons and hair care centers.

WEN Hair products are packed with non harmful ingredients to promote healthy and lavish hair. Wen uses natural ingredients like pomegranate and mint to stimulate, clean, condition and scent your hair. These Guthy-Renker specialized products gently clean your scalp while leaving all of your natural oils in your hair.

The creator of Wen hair care knows all about the importance of healthy hair. The Hollywood stylist grew up in many different locations where he incorporated and manifested his own idea of beauty. Chaz Dean is now one of the leading names in prominent hair care treatment. The luxurious stylist created a brand for the public and celebrities to enjoy.

Chaz’s long-time experience with hair as an elite celebrity stylist allowed him to create an equally elite brand of hair care items. Fans across the nation are seeking Wen by Chaz products simply because of the luxurious treatment it does to the hair. Whether your searching for an all in one cleanser or looking to tame your often frizzy hair, the elegant brand of Wen is providing it all.


Why Cleansing Conditioners Will Benefit YOU!

WEN Hair Care

Picture 2380

The use of a cleansing conditioner in your hair could be very beneficial. Sometimes, the use of shampoo in your hair can be more harmful than good. The ingredients in many shampoos are very damaging to your hair, which will affect it long term. Sulfate is one of the huge ingredients in shampoos that many see to be the most damaging.

As there are so many cleansing conditioners on the market today, as it is becoming increasingly more popular to use. There are many things you want to look for when choosing a good sulfate-free product, such as which hair type it works best for and the additional ingredients it may contain. Remember, just because it is a cleansing conditioner and does not contain sulfate does not make it a good conditioner. Do some research on your product first to find which product will work best for you.

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Additionally, a very popular product that has been surfacing is WEN Cleansing Conditioner, which is a 5-in-1 formula that takes place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. WEN’s cleansing conditioners, which were created by Chaz Dean, are very gentle on all types of hair and do not contain harsh chemicals. The cleansing conditioners come in several different scents: Sweet Almond Mint, Pomegranate, Fig, Lavender, Tea Tree and Cucumber Aloe.

According to Wen’s website, this cleansing conditioner will not strip your hair of natural oils, in return, leaving it with strength, moisture and manageability. WEN hair cleansing conditioner is definitely a great alternative product to leave your hair feeling happy and healthy.