Brian Torchin- President of HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin works for HCRC Staffing and is currently serving as president of the company. Mr. Torchin has spent numerous years managing as well as staffing many medical offices in various states such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Brian Torchin and his company offer career consultation and search services for employment seekers who are looking to apply their skills in the healthcare sector. He is an experienced professional who has played an important role in the recruitment of healthcare recruiters.

Torchin’s co-workers and clients all say that he is always dependable and helps his clients out in a timely manner. A few years ago when the United States was in a deep recession, Torchin still kept up a positive attitude and had faith that the business industry would come out of it—in fact it did actually.

Torchin’s main client base of approximately 200 or so is located in Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia and even Australia. He even works with big name groups involved in the healthcare field— some of them include urgent care centers and several private practices as well.

In regards to HCRC Staffing, According to Simply Hired, they state that they have a large existing database of active physicians and also work daily to find new and qualified candidates for their clients’ openings.

Ever since the development of the firm, Mr. Torchin has remained a team player to his colleagues and is always helping out his clients by answering all of their questions for them. Even with his hectic schedule, Brian Torchin enjoys publishing articles and posts on the company’s main blog website. Each post covers topics such interview questions to ask potential employers, online marketing strategies, hiring physician assistants or nurses and much more.

Don’t Think You Need Professional Office Cleaning? Make Work a Better Place with Handy App-Based Cleaning Service

When you really think about it, you spend a lot of time working even if you only have a part time job. It’s something you have to do. In fact, many experts have found that low employee morale can lead to less profit for your company.

  • Employees are less productive,
  • Turnover is increased, and
  • Employees don’t work well together or enjoy working as a team

In fact, if you study the most successful companies in your industry, you will find that employee morale likely contributes to the success of that business model.

When an office isn’t completely clean, there’s always lingering dirt and odors hanging around that can make working unpleasant. It also makes employees feel less valued, and like they’re just working for your company until they find something better.

Pleasant aromas and fresh floral arrangements can do wonders for any office space as well

Some businesses think they can get by without hiring a cleaning service. Employees or managers just do a little sweeping up after the day is done. Sometimes there’s even mopping and wiping down done. However, deep cleans never happen.

As the years go by, staff and even business owners put less and less effort into cleaning because the corners have accumulated goop and grime that no one can name. There’s unidentified odors only temporarily alleviated by opening windows.

The fact according to is that any space that the public uses must be cleaned professionally and you should do so from day one. If you haven’t, you should start as soon as possible.

Think You Can’t Afford Professional Cleaners?

Handy is a mobile app-based cleaning service with some of the most trustworthy and professional cleaners in your area on staff. Why worry about hiring the perfect cleaning company when you can just order your housekeepers like you would order an Uber or Lyft ride? Learn more about handy, visit





Giving Back with Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a distinguished philanthropist, trader as well as political supporter. Before founding Chopper Trading, Raj had gained a full spectrum experience in the stock exchange venture. His debut was in 1991 when he started working at Chicago Board of Trade and later managed to become a full member in 1997. He served the institution until 2003.

Raj Fernando, aside from being a successful businessperson, he has a generous heart, primarily in Chicago. Fernando and his firm, Chopper Trading, had made over $1.7 million worth of donations to various non-profit organizations by 2011. Chopper Trading employs over 250 workers all who are fully trained and experienced. The donations of Fernando are targeted to where it is mostly required or when an employee requests for a matching donation.

According to Raj Fernando, they like donating to good causes and charity. For instance, one of the firm’s employees gave birth to a premature child, and Chopper Trading matched various requests from its workers to donate to The March of Dimes. Typically, the firm matches donations for up to $2,000. Chopper Trading and Fernando’s charitable activities cover a broad range of human causes as seen fit. Fernando and his company have donated to multiple organizations such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, PAWS Chicago, which is a no-kill shelter as well as Wounded Warriors Projects among several others.

Aside from supporting causes benefiting the Chicago residents, Raj is an esurient supporter for arts. At the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Raj is a governing member. He is also an avid champion for a Tony-award winning Chicago-based theater company, The Steppenwolf Theatre. Additionally, Raj is also a profound political supporter. He has personally made over $9,400 in donations to the 2016’s presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. On July 21, Raj was the host of a private fundraiser for Clinton’s campaign at his home. The guests donated $2,700 each, and the top donors contributed $50,000 each.

Raj Fernando is the youngest sibling in a family of three. His parents were both endowed with excellent knowledge in arts and business. At the age of one, Raj moved to the USA, and he later joined Beloit College and the University College London.

Reputation Management Fixers Saving Business Profits and Personal Reputations

The social media world we inhabit today is a young world. Facebook has become a predominant connecting force but did not start until 2004. Now we are all connected to Facebook and a myriad of other networking apps and services. The use of “smart” cell phones has added to the flexibility of social media. And today’s most popular app “WhatsApp” is proliferating.
Early on in social media, some people were careless or thoughtless, and statements or images were uploaded and distributed among the various social media networks. While a person may have looked great in a too-revealing outfit for friends to see, family and future employers frowned on such displays. A young Italian woman actually committed suicide after her sex tape and her personal introduction went viral. These instances all require reputation repair services.
One dating site, Ashley Madison, offered connections between members even though they were married. The site was hacked in July 2015, and marriages and reputations were ruined forever. It may have been the case of hackers trying to create a new industry, online presence management protection, in the same ways that forest rangers are accused of starting forest fires. But after this incident, those who gambled in risky businesses were made aware of the possible consequences.
Along with the multitude of personal social networking is the new emphasis on purchasing products and services online. Shoppers tired of driving to distant malls and fighting hordes of other shoppers and check out lines inside mall stores have turned to purchasing online and are often depending on customer reviews to finalize their buying decisions. Bad product or service reviews can now destroy a product or even a brand. Here too an online management and protection service became a necessity.
Unless you are a grandmother without a computer, you need an online presence management company. These companies can bury bad negative search results and help to manage a subscriber’s social and business lives. Consider using Reputation Management Fixers as your online presence management company.

You Should Consider Betting on Football

Do you enjoy watching football on a regular basis? You are certainly not alone if you answered yes to this question. However, there is something that you can do to make football games even more exciting than they already are. You can start to bet money on all of your favorite football teams. You have probably heard about placing online football bets from some of your friends who do it. Now is the perfect time for you to start placing some bets of your own. After all, why should you let your friends have all of the fun?

Betting money on a football odds will give you a thrill. There is just something about the feeling of betting money on a football game and winning that you need to experience yourself to truly understand. Having money on a game can suddenly make an otherwise boring game very interesting. Betting on football is also a terrific way for you to make some very easy money without leaving the comfort of your home. The world of online betting is set up to be extremely convenient for you. All you need is your smartphone and your can place all of your football bets while you are laying on your couch. What could be better than that?

There is a very good reason why betting on football is more popular than it has ever been before. This is because it has never been easier. The amount of football info that people have access to online these days allows you to be more educated when you are placing your bets. Therefore, you will have a much better chance of picking the right teams and making some easy cash. Use the injury reports and weather info to your advantage.

Obviously, you will need to find a website to place all of your football bets. is the best website when it comes to placing bets using the latest NFL odds. You can also place a bet on the Super Bowl. You will be very impressed with the large variety of bets that allows its members to place. Several different methods are available to deposit money into your account. Signing up is a very fast and easy process. You can start placing bets in only a matter of minutes. is a safe and secure site that uses all of the latest encryption technology to protect all financial transactions that are made.

The Life And Times Of George Soros

With a net worth exceeding $20 billion George Soros has certainly proved himself to be an amazing business leader and an absolute giant in the world of international investments. He has been so wise in decision making that Soros even makes a profit during economic crises. He hasn’t allow this wealth to go to waste either. George Soros has used his wealth to support philanthropy throughout the world. Since 1979 he has contributed more than $11 billion to charitable causes. He has sought to promote the values of democracy, justice, and education. From funding the education of South African students to supporting the transition of communist countries on into thriving democracies, George Soros has shown his ability.

The long history of philanthropy is what makes Soros unique. His funding of many causes has not only dwarfed the charity of others with similar wealth, he has also succeeded in advancing efforts to promote these causes. A recent example of this philanthropy is his efforts to support refugee businesses. On September 20, 2016 George Soros announced his plan to give $500 million dollars to business startups created by refugees living in Europe. George Soros knows the impact that seeing immigrants succeed has on the psyche of the countries that host them.

Even more inspiring than the breadth of his donations is the amazing success he has had in his philanthropy on Politico. Throughout Central Asia and Eastern Europe he has funded efforts to establish democracy in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and other countries transitioning from more authoritarian regimes. For the most part these attempts to bring about the change are successful despite opposition from the tyrants who are threatened by open societies. While his name isn’t mentioned as often as Bill Gates or Elon Musk, Soros has proven he has the ability to make this world a much better place.

Doe Deere’s Coloring Book

To discover the excitement and joy in the personality of Doe Deere, a leading female entrepreneur, is to feel a sharp, invigorating breeze that brings a smile, welcoming such passion and creativity. Doe Deere is a young lady, born in Russia but growing up in New York City, who responded to color as a young child and loved dressing up and decorating herself with clothing and makeup. It was fun, and as a teenager, she began creating looks that called for colors that she couldn’t find. It was in 2006 that she created LimeCrime, a company dedicated to providing innovative colors in all kinds of makeup. With her product, she used the internet to create her own fashions and looks. It took only a short time for her following of teenagers to reach the thousands waiting to see what she would appear in next. In 2008, she launched her business site with Limecrime, and became a young entrepreneur who couldn’t believe she was having so much fun at work!

Full of life and passion for what she is doing, and truly loving the look that can be obtained with her variety of exotic colors and textures, she has recently been chosen as top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur by Self Made magazine. She feels the Internet gives her the greatest opportunity to communicate with her customers. They can immediately indicate their pleasure or displeasure, and she can address their concerns.

Originally, there was no indication that the company would be so successful and the name “Limecrime” was seen only as a fun name that rhymed, was unique and easily picked up by Google. Its rapid growth as a brand indicated a color revolution,a little out of the main line of cosmetics, was needed. Now, Deere has expressed the feeling that it keeps the integrity of their products. She feels that if they question giving the brand of Limecrime, the product is probably not right for the company. Limecrime gives the person his individuality and confidence to be himself by providing colors for everything.

When Limecrime was first introduced in 2004, Deere presented the whole look by doing all her own modeling and makeup. She wanted bright fun colors for the women who “dared” , and she wanted everything on brand. This caught on, and in 2008, Limecrime was launched with great success.

Working in the lab for months with another chemist, a new lipstick was developed from liquid to matte. It doesn’t crumble, is vegan, stays on and is transfer proof. She feels that this is one of her biggest accomplishments. Her company has also been accredited by Leaping Bunny, one of the most stringent on animal cruelty.

In 2014, the company had a big security break, and Deere and staff worked long, hard hours to restore the confidence of its customers. New safeguards and procedures were established to provide greater security, and Deere felt that much was learned from the experience. She considers her customers as her most valuable possession.

As a popular entrepreneur of today, she communicates as a vibrant, confident, fun loving person, hardly different from the little girl who just loved to dress up in bright colors with makeup. Meeting her brings a smile and a really ‘feel-good!‘


Using Reputation Management to Define Your Company’s Purpose

In an outstanding article originally published on CMS Wire, author Allan Hall says that one reason to work with a reliable reputation management firm is that they can help you develop your company’s purpose. According to, most corporate managers have taken classes where they have been taught that a corporation needs to develop their company’s mission statements and their corporate values. While these are important, the company’s purpose must be clearly defined first.

One thing that happens when a company’s purpose is clearly defined is that it helps brings clarity to why the company exists. Let us assume for a minute that you are a seller of boots to authentic cowboys. That is the purpose behind your corporation. If a talented saleswoman contacts you and wants your company to start carrying horse shampoo as well, then you can look at your company’s purpose and tell her nicely to go get lost.
The second thing that happens when you define the purpose of your company is that it delivers a genuine need for your company. As you are probably aware, boots come in many different styles. Those that are designed to be worn by urban cowboys just do not cut it on the ranch. Therefore, when you clearly enunciate the purpose for your company, you instantly have the knowledge of what falls under your umbrella and what does not belong there.
The third thing that defining your company’s purpose does is it aligns everything within your company. You can use your company’s purpose to know what fits within your company. You know who your core customer is and you know how to reach that customer.
It is then the job of the reputation management company to use your company’s purpose to tell your targeted audience why your company is the best at what you do and why they need to do business with your company.
While your company’s purpose may not look pretty on a billboard, you will suddenly have a much better idea of why you are in business and that purpose will ressonate with your target audience.

Brian Torchin Wants To Be Sure That All His Clients Are Able To Get Good Jobs

Brian Torchin is an industry professional who actually works to get people the medical jobs that they need. He is a brilliant man who has worked to figure out what gets someone the best job, and he also wants to be sure that he has done the work to help their jobs faster.

According to an article from Topix, Brian Torchin has a company at HCRC where he does this work, but he also has a blog that is open to the masses.

Anyone can go there to get information about how they should search for a job, and they can ask Brian Torchin questions about getting a job. He knows the best avenue for getting a job, and he knows how to help people who are stuck.

Someone who is stuck in their job search needs to be sure that they can ask Brian Torchin anything they want, and he will answer through his blog faithfully. He wants to be sure that the people that he works with are actually pursuing the right jobs, and he wants to show them that certain jobs are not good for them.

He tailors resumes to make them work for certain positions, and that is why he is helping people when they submit their documents.

His work with his company is something that he takes seriously, and he believes that he can help a lot of people if he is just given the chance to show them how well they can make an application look.

He has placed people at jobs when they needed them, and he has gotten people interviews that helped them get their new jobs. Brian Torchin is an expert who can help anyone get the right job. The medical industry is filled with possibilities, and that is why he is on the job every day to help people.

Thor Halvorssen In a World of Tyrants And Intimidation

There are a lot of tyrants that are not only ruling their country, they are looking for ways to rule the whole world. However, they are not going to be able to because there are plenty of people that are standing against the tyrants. Often times, the tyrants may have a lot of weapons, but they are a little limited in technology.

For instance, North Korea is one of the countries that are very limited in technology. The country is in a famine. Electricity in the country is behind in development compared to other countries. Therefore, tyrants will easily be exposed to different attacks because of their blindness.

Among the people that could find the weaknesses of tyrants is Thor Halvorssen. He is someone that has the courage which is all it takes when dealing with tyrannical rule in countries such as North Korea.

Among the things Thor Halvorssen suggest for people to do is to have the North Korean government so that they are unable to defend themselves against attacks. According to Reddit, Thor Halvorssen is someone that has a lot of knowledge and intelligence when it comes to dealing with human rights violations. He has started his foundation so that he could help the government come up with a plan to help people break free from the tyrannical rule of the country.

With his company, Thor Halvorssen istens to a lot of different stories when it comes to human rights violations. As he gathers information of what is going on in different countries, he comes up with a plan on what to do in order to fight the rule.

OF course he is not planning to take on the countries all by himself, he is hoping that he is going to be able to inspire others to fight with him. One thing that would help is if he can shake people out of apathy so that they will add to the chances that the activists have in bringing forth a better society for all humans.

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