Adam Milstein Says ‘Israeliness’ Is Key To Jewish Future

Israeli-American businessman Adam Milstein likes to talk about something he calls “Israeliness.” For him, the term imparts the idea that being Jewish is about a lot more than just attending synagogue. It’s about all aspects of what it means to be a Jew and to recognize a deep connection to the Jewish homeland. So many aspects are included, including food, culture and basic philosophy — but also the geopolitical concerns facing the nation of Israel.

In a recent Jewish Journal article interview, Adam Milstein said the best advocates for Israel today are Jewish Americans. Milstein himself was born in Haifa. He chose to adopt the United States as his new country in 1981. That was the year he immigrated here with his young wife, Gila.

Adam Milstein often recounts the intensely painful experience of being separated from the land of his origin. He said that he and his wife “sat on their suitcases” and dreamed of returning to Israel often. But the realities of life spelled out a different path for Adam Milstein. He instinctively knew that he had to “make it” in America.

He dug in, earned and MBA from the University of Southern California, and launched his career in real estate investment and development. Decades later he looks back on a career that has been enormously successful. The best thing about that, according to Milstein, is that it afford him amply opportunity to bolster the relationship between Israel and America while also providing assistance to his fellow Jews.

To that end, Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council in 2007. This is the largest advocacy group in the world today for promoting the historic relationship between the two countries. The IAC reports a membership of 250,000 active participants. It will hold its 5th annual convention in Florida later this month on Nov. 29 — the 70th anniversary of the United Nations vote to establish the Jewish state.

Milstein also used his personal resources to set up the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization which has been bolstering people of Jewish heritage for almost 20 years.

Madison Street Capital Operations

Madison street capital is a universal saving banking firm. It has been serving as a high-class consultant to Sachs capital group about RMG Networks. Charles Botchway, the chief executive officer, is optimistic that Barry Petersen will offer great leadership to the Madison Street Team.


Madison Street Capital reputation is committed to integrity, excellence, leadership and service delivery, financial decisions and personal businesses. The facilities have given their customers an upper hand to be successful in the international marketplace. They take every project committed thus making clients objectives being theirs and this ranges from financial advisory and successful raising of capital to M and A transactions. The company looks at rising markets as the principal component that spearheads the international growth of their customers to bring the significance of assets in these markets. The firm has earned their customers trust globally through their uppermost dedication of professional and experienced standards.


Madison street capital has a strong feeling to form trades amongst people globally. The enthusiasm they have towards their clients and sustenance to civil service has been able to bring about variance amid local and global societies. They have a group of experienced, professional, knowledgeable members that makes them one of the global average market savings banking firm. As a foremost giver of corporate financing, Madison street capital experts have been able to arrange for appropriate funding to merge their customer’s certain circumstances. They have their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and their middle market firm has their offices in North America, Asia. Madison street capital has several years of experience providing a variety of financial services including restructuring services, valuation, M and A and financial reporting.


Their experience has brought about the difference, and they have helped customers in a range of industries. Madison street capital has brought about the understanding of all situations with appropriate commendations. Any business owner who wants acquisitions, to sell a business, exit strategy or corporate matters. The Madison street insurance can give the best execution in the savings banking business. Hedge industry have high assets, and this is from a research study, they had a lousy operation in 2015. Sachs Capital Group has been thankful to be associated with Madison street capital who have guided them in the identification of capital sources and helping them achieve their success.


RMG network combination with Madison street capital was also a captivating one. They launched digital signage and communication platform, and their shareholders ware gave $1.29 per share in currency. The transaction stopped trading on NASDAQ Stock Exchange that was operational from 28th September 2018. They have been able to assist trades to have high productivity, efficiency, and engagement by the use of digital messaging. They were able to bring together the best software, hardware, and business applications. The company has a belief of having capital appreciation controlling operating and financial risks that may occur.


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Learn How to Earn Huge Returns with Freedom Checks by Investing Right

Understanding the dynamics of the financial world takes years of experience. It is what Matt Badiali has gained by traveling the world and working with some of the top natural resources and financial firms. He recently came into the limelight when he introduced the Freedom Checks strategy to the world. In these strategy that he proposes in the newsletters that he is the editor of, which is Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist, he asks people to invest in the companies that are bound by the master limited partnership. The master limited partnerships are under the guidelines by the government to share the majority of their profits with the investors. So, if you are looking to invest in a way that would help you get a continuous flow of income, following the Freedom Checks strategy that Matt Badiali proposes is a smart idea.

Matt Badiali is a man who has learned a lot about the financial world by traveling in different countries, working with senior financial advisors from across the globe, and being close to the field. The in-depth market research he has conducted in the last few years has helped him devise an investment strategy that not only helps the people to earn considerably but also ensures that their risk of losses is minimized. Freedom Checks is what you would get by investing in the MLP companies, and the earnings from it are tax-free as well. It would ensure that the money you make from it would not have to be paid towards the taxes and help you reach your financial goal as well.

Freedom checks have been in the news for a while after Matt Badiali featured in an ad with a cheque of a large amount of money in his hand. Many people thought it to be a scam, but Matt Badiali wrote a detailed article on Freedom Checks to help clear any questions that people might have. He added that just like any other investment, one has to be careful about the company they pick to invest in as not all of them are the same.

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With Cloudwick, data lake shortcomings are solved

In the world of business intelligence, the concept of data lakes has come to be understood as something like cold fusion: a groundbreaking technology that promises to eliminate nearly all of the limitations of legacy systems but that has not yet been proven in action.

Now, Cloudwick, one of the leading global providers of cloud-based data solutions, is changing all of that. With Cloudwick’s three stage model for migration of enterprise data from legacy systems to data lakes, the age of viable data lake and related business intelligence systems is upon us.

Cloudwick has made it possible for companies across the globe to take advantage of the increases, measuring in the orders of magnitude, of speed, cost-effectiveness and insight generation that data lakes and related technologies allow. And with its complete mastery of Apache Spark and other Hadoop ecosystem technologies, Cloudwick may be the only company in the world that can guarantee successful migration from costly legacy data storage to cloud-based alternatives.

Saving tens of millions while making even more

So, why would a business, even a small one, want to undergo the often-difficult process of moving from an in-house, physically housed legacy data storage system to a cloud-based system built on still-immature technology? To take a risk, there must be a large reward. And it turns out that the reward to enterprises of almost all stripes for successfully implementing ultra-powerful data lake and machine-learning data systems are so compelling that taking large risks to make it happen can be well justified.

But with Cloudwick, for the first time, the risks that have historically been involved in doing so are largely removed. The company has a track record of helping hundreds of the largest companies in the world to successfully migrate all of their data into the cloud. And these include some of the most complex and challenging data-migration projects that have ever been undertaken.

With its flawless record of migration and successful implementation, Cloudwick can help businesses of any size to take advantage of the powerful edges that can be had through the adoption of the lightning-fast and powerful intelligence generation of data lake and machine-learning data structures.

The Incredible career of Vijay Eswaran

An accomplished businessman and philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran has changed the lives of many people through the counsel he shares with them. Vijay Eswaran has taken part in a vast number of meetings to start business strategies with others as well as understanding the various challenges affecting the field of business today. In his recent advocations, he took the step of analyzing the multiple problems surrounding investment in India and through the critical analysis he did, he successfully educated people on the fundamental approaches to adopt for their success in their ventures.

Eswaran insists that people that possess excellent listening skills are more likely to achieve success in their lives than those who rush into things. As a motivational speaker, he encourages people to be self-conscious and learn to identify their critical weaknesses to correct them from a happy and prosperous life. He believes that an individual’s emotions matter the most, and as a result, he insists that everyone should ensure that they put their emotions first and avoid partaking actions that negatively affect them.

Besides, he believes that decision making is a crucial aspect of every business owner. He encourages firm owners to critically evaluate every aspect of their business and understand the possible effects it may have on the firm in case a final decision is made.

Vijay Eswaran has always been passionate about helping other people acquire happiness in life, and he continues to offer worlds encouragement and advice to them through the many books he has written. He has uplifted a vast number of individuals at their lowest moments and being a philanthropist; he continues to eliminate anger in disadvantaged people through sharing his wealth with them. He is also a strong advocator of equality and equity in the society as well as the whole worlds.

Flavio Maluf Opinions on How to Excel In the Business World

One man who has been the talk of the town in Brazil is Flavio Maluf. Mr. Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, a one of a kind business venture that has changed his perceptive about investment and the business world. He has achieved a lot as the CEO of Eucatex and he attributes his success in the business world to his hard work and ambition to excel.

Flavio Maluf attributes the success of any business venture to an investors determination and willpower and not the myth that one needs a lot of money to establish a successful business. In his day to day talks and business chats, he always points out that there are a lot of business ideas out there that don’t require a lot of capital. Visit to learn more

Flavio Maluf also advises young and business-minded people to be cautious as they proceed to join the entrepreneurship world. Flavio believes that if you establish a business whether small or large scale, you have to work hard and around the clock. Mr. Flavio also advocates for extra creativity regardless of the business model one runs. An entrepreneur should work not only hard but also diligently and as smart as he can.

Many people may recognize and appreciate the many roles Flavio has played in the business sector in Brazil. Among these roles, Brazilians cannot forget Flavio Maluf insightful talk about tax incentives and their effects on the business environment in the nation. Flavio could not hold his views on the high tax weight that the government has placed on Brazilian companies that generate most of the nation’s revenue.

Flavio Maluf feels that the tax incentives have placed a lot of burden on business owners and the government has to do something. He feels it has become difficult for business owners to balance their work with tax duties. However, Flavio supports the idea of introducing Fiscal Incentive Laws. He feels that such laws will help boost business as well as improve investors livelihood. For Flavio, it’s upon the government to introduce social programs, technological developments, scientific research as well as health programs to help solve the tax issues.

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Hussain Sajwani: Guiding DAMAC Properties to Unfrequented Global Success

With over 20,000 homes developed and an employee base exceeding 2,000, DAMAC Properties has cemented its place as one of the leading brands in the real estate industry in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Under the able leadership of its founder, Hussain Sajwani has transformed from a local brand into a globally recognized brand with unique properties. The company has expanded to new markets including China and the UK in addition to other cities across Europe and Asia. The DAMAC owner, who currently serves as the company’s chairman, is a seasoned entrepreneur having started his journey in his family’s watch selling business. He would later venture into real estate industry as an agent in the U.S. where he had gone to study on a scholarship at the University of Washington.

By the time he founded DAMAC Properties in 2002, Hussian Sajwani had graduated from the university with a degree in economics and industry engineering and worked as a contracts manager at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary. He gained further experience in entrepreneurship and business management by venturing into food industry.

Success Founded on Sustainable Development and Portfolio Diversification

The rapid expansion and growth of DAMAC Properties into a global brand is founded on strategic management and capitalizing on investment opportunities that spring up in the market. Under the visionary leadership of the DAMAC owner, the company has diversified its investment to other real markets in addition to opening new subsidiaries specializing in other products and services. These subsidiaries include DICO Investments and Nine Elms Property Limited among others. Hussain Sajwani has overseen the company’s listing in the financial markets and going public by being adept at identifying opportunities and acting fast. He has also given the employers a free reign to come up new and innovative ideas that have a critical role driving the company forward.

The DAMAC owner has overseen a period of growth at the company by growing its portfolio of properties. The company boasts of some of the best properties in the world including Akyon Maldives Resort: a high-end resort currently being developed by the company in Maldives.

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Stream Energy: Corporate Social Responsibility

Stream Energy is among America’s top-selling and connected life service firms. It provides Protective, Wireless, Energy and Home services to consumers. Since it was launched in 2005, the company has extended its services to New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, Washington D.C., and Texas. The company has numerous associates and engages them in more than just earning a living by sharpening their skills and realizing their full potentials. Though the company’s Women of Power Organization, Stream Energy has enabled female associates to connect, grow their businesses and even realize their talents. The company is also devoted giving back to the community. Through the charity foundation Stream Cares, the company provides financial support and other donations to charities who give the supplies to people in need of such support.

In the most recent calamity, Hurricane Harvey saw Houston flood by 56 inches of rainwater which led to massive damage to lives and property. Catastrophes such as hurricanes and tornados are common, and when they happen, the people are left in devastated and helpless situations. It is in the wake of Hurricane Harvey that Stream Energy, an energy distributing company, designed a philanthropic arm – Stream Cares – to assist the victims of the hurricane. The recovery fund is an example of how Dallas companies use philanthropic aids to give back to society. Stream Energy is a pacesetter in the Corporate Social Responsibility sector where the philanthropic arm of the company is a separate body. Stream Cares strategically working with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to drive the local and public aid.

Stream Energy has been carrying out philanthropic courses for over a decade, but not until recently did the company launch the philanthropic arm as a separate entity. Stream Cares was established using the company’s revenues. Through the provision of reliable domestic and company energy, the company has created a connection with the company clients and offer services such as telemedicine, virtual doctors and mobile phone plans. Stream Energy acts in collaboration with company associates who are dedicated to helping in disasters such as the Hurricane Harvey and North Texas tornado victims.

Clayton Hutson – A Sound Engineer Extraordinaire

Clayton Hutson is well known in the world of music. He understands what musicians need to achieve. He works with them to reach a level of live music performance perfection that sets him apart from other sound engineers. He also has a reputation for being able to work from sunrise to sunset.

He attended college and majored in theatre design. Later, he found gigs with companies that provided solutions for live entertainment. These are the roles where he gained experience and prominence managing projects and working with sound. These experiences also established the groundwork for him to start his own entertainment production company. Essentially, he is a jack of all trades within the industry.

He worked for Billy Graham’s traveling unit for a long time, but eventually switched to managing rock’n’roll concerts. Clayton Hutson has a powerful love for the music industry. Thus, he dedicates a great deal of passion, energy, and time to the profession. His client resume includes Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns’n’Roses to name several.

Hutson has always loved music, and over time he perfected the skills to master all the aspects that deal with live entertainment. He also decided to start his own business when the recession tanked his employer’s business. It was a big step, but he took it in stride.

A typical day for Clayton Hutson begins early. He currently works for Kid Rock. He completely goes through each day’s schedule to make sure his crew is on top of things. Everything has to be ready for each show. Even while the show is in progress, he plans the steps to take down everything. Everyone knows their job when the show ends and the curtain closes. Clayton Hutson runs a successful business because of his reputation and attention to detail.

Clayton Hutson has raised the bar for what for what high-caliber musicians expect from their sound engineers. He has also made a name for himself with respect to planning and staging events for large companies. Getting the right equipment in place is critical for a successful event. Clayton Hutson’s clients know they can trust his judgment and rely on his experience.


Shiraz Boghani’s contribution in the Hotel industry and his support for charitable causes.

Shiraz Boghani is a well-known hotelier with over 30 years’ experience. He currently serves as the president of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He is a great investor in the hospitality industry where he was recognized in 2016 as the ‘Hotelier of the Year’ during the 2016 Asia Business Awards. During the 90’s he was among the pioneers who created the limited service-provision and branded hotels in London. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

As the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz has a great vision for the company as he directs the expansion strategy that helps the company grow. Splendid Hospitality Group boasts of 20 trading hotels plus the Hilton London Bankside that has 292 bedrooms, and the Wembley’s Holiday Inn that has 336 bedrooms. Mr. Shiraz has a strong relationship with his community and is well known as a philanthropist. Shiraz plays an essential role in supporting various charitable establishments. Shiraz has been a part of the Ismaili community where he was crowned as a leader as well as being a participant of the national council. He also serves as the chair of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board. He is also a spoken enthusiast of Aga Khan Foundation.

Shiraz Boghani believes that the success of Splendid Hospitality Group is as a result of the effort of the employees offering services in the company. During the 2016 Asian Business Awards, he thanked all the members of Splendid Hospitality Group, including the executive staff and the entire Splendid family. Besides being the chair of Splendid, Shiraz, who is a certified accountant, manages 19 other trading hotels that he owns across the UK.

Shiraz Boghani is well known in establishing and managing large hotels including the New Ellington hotel in Leeds and the Grand hotel and spa. Apart from serving as the president of Splendid, Shiraz Boghani is a founding partner in the company that provides creative homes and healthcare services, Sussex Health. Under the leadership of Mr. Boghani, Sussex has grown to have 18 care centers with more than 500 beds. Shiraz Boghani also serves as the Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP where he is also a founding partner.