How Much Change Many Jose Manuel Gonzalez Bring To Venezuelan Government?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is but one man in an assembly in the Venezuelan state of Guarico, and he has ensured that his government will not go the way of career politicians. Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to see the region change with help from normal people such as himself, and this article explains why a regular man in government can make a difference. Everyone who wants to see a better Venezuela must act as Jose has.

#1: He Contributes On The Local Level

Jose is not the president of Venezuela, and he is not the governor of his state. He sits on an assembly with several other people who want to make the country better, and they are starting with their small state of Guarico. The state itself is in the throes of a terrible financial situation, and they may bring commerce back to the region with aid of business people such as Jose.

#2: How Will Business Return?

Business and jobs will return to Guarico with a coordinated effort that includes citizens such as Jose. He has a business that may hire new workers if business were to expand, and others may do the same. It is quite difficult for the region to recover unless men such as Jose have more successful businesses.

#3: Will Venezuela Recover?

The country cannot be changed overnight, and there are serious governmental issues to address. Jose may not address those issues on a national stage, but he will certainly address as many issues as possible with his fellow assemblymen. Everyone who is actively-participating in the government of Venezuela will see the slow change occur over the course of several years.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a fine example of a man who is sacrificing his time for his country. He has joined the local assembly hoping to make a difference where he can.

Dr. Avi Wesifogel and his many talents

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing certified dentist in the New Jersey area who has his hand in many areas of interest. He has recently started a GoFundMe campaign for an organization called Operation Smile. It is a non-profit organization that is purely ran from donations and he has started the campaign in hope to raise enough money to help those who are in need of services provided by Operation Smile. It’s a global organization that was founded in 1984 by Bill and Kathy Magee. Their first mission was based in the Philippines where they were able to help perform facial surgeries for those who suffered from facial deformities, cleft palates and cleft lips. Their organization has always been focused on the children and making sure that they never lose sight of hope, and always treating them as if they are their own. This is one of the reasons that Dr. Avi Weisfogel chose to support Operation Smile. The foundation has been performed surgeries for children in need for over thirty years and travel all over the world with the help of volunteers and medical facilities along with those who are helping raise funds. He has placed $2000.00 of his very own money into the campaign in hopes to get the support and get a jump start on it.

Dr. Weisfogel has also started his very own company called the Dental Sleep Masters. Along with his practicing dentistry office, he has a company that helps dentist’s offices and their staff educate and look for patients that may suffer from sleep disorders. Unfortunately there are many people who suffer from sleep apnea, and Dr. Weisfogel has made it his mission to educate and help patient’s correct their sleep disorder.

When he isn’t busy with his practice, business and charity work, he has developed a love for hip hop music. You can listen and follow his new tunes on Soundcloud.

Livio Bisterzo Hits Mark With Latest Vegan Snack Food

Anyone that follows Starbuck’s business practices knows that the coffee retail giant is currently undergoing a huge mission to help broaden its offerings when it comes its food offerings. Most of this effort has been directed at the snack food offerings that the company has. Green Park Brands on has noticed this trend and decided that they had the perfect snack food offering to fit the coffee retailer’s needs when it came to a new snack product, Hippeas.

Hippeas are a new, fun, and easy to eat snack food product that will be hitting shelves at Starbuck’s soon. They are a great option for the company because they fit almost any dietary concern. They are also easy to transport and eat and are healthy. Add to that the socially conscious nature of the company thanks to its CEO, Livio Bisterzo, and you have a win-win for Starbuck’s and Hippeas.

The snack is a crunchy and puffy snack that is chickpea based. The snack is very popular with health food enthusiasts because it is vegan, gluten-free, and it is even kosher. This means that it can be a part of just about any diet you can thin of. The snack comes in small bags that are only about 100 calories per serving. Many may take this information to mean that there isn’t much nutritional value with the snack either. This is simply not true. The snack is a great source of energy because it has over 3 grams of protein per serving.

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Livio Bisterzo has been in the food industry for over 7 years. In all of those years, he has been dedicated to making accessible and affordable health related food products. He started out making healthy drinks and other products. This latest effort came from an idea that he had last spring.

Bisterzo wanted to create a healthy, vegan snack food that would be quick and easy to eat. This was a part of the food market share that had not been tapped into yet. He hit the mark completely with his latest effort, Hippeas. The food product was initially offered by Starbuck’s to appear in about 7,500 stores nationwide.

On top of that, the company has a great social mission as well. Chickpea farmers in Africa have been under great duress lately. That is why a portion of each sale of Hippeas goes towards chickpea farmers. Hippeas is a great vegan snack food company that has a conscious.

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Doe Deere Talks Color In Makeup To Readers Of Galore Magazine

Makeup is a product. It can also help serve as a form of self expression and love for people. Many women today love the idea of using makeup in order to show off what they think of the world. This is what helps motivate Doe Deere. Deere, founder of Lime Crime, one of the nation’s most innovative makeup companies, is all about the use of makeup that is filled with color. Her work today, as she reminds readers of Galore Magazine, is one in which she aims to bring color to unexpected places. Her own line of makeup at Lime Crime uses makeup in many new ways. In particular, it is all about color in life and color in the products that she happily sells to her many fans.

Bringing Color To Life

For Deere, it is not enough to have color in her clothing, as made clear in a Tumblr post. She wants to offer her fans the chance to use color in their makeup as well. While many of her shades on Lime Crime have a subtle sheen with just a hint of bright color, many of her other products are just all about color that is brazen, innovative, shocking and yet quite appealing. She knows that a loud shade of yellow can be ideal for a night at the opera or a first date. She also knows that using color to help anyone show off their cheekbones can help her customer feel more beautiful.

Reliable Products

Deere aims to excellence at everything she does. This is why her line is about using high quality materials to create makeup that is understated and elegant as well as intensely colorful and eye-catching. Her aim is to bring in color that will not irritate the skin of her customers and will help them bring out their own inner, colorful soul. She loves how the use of such products can be ideal for customer’s needs, allowing them to be full of color and also helping offer products that are likely to offer moisturizing elements to her user’s skin. This is why her product line has continued to expand.

Why You Should Buy Wen by Chaz Dean Hair Products

Have you seen the infomercials on the products by WEN Hair by Chaz Dean? The line of hair care products has been catering to the needs of both men and women of different hair types. Their advertisements show women who have bouncy hair which is gorgeous and which has both length and volume. The truth is that if you want such hair, you could also get it if you use the products. Here are some of the benefits of their products.

First of all, you should try the Wen by Chaz hair conditioner. The conditioner can be used on hair of all types. Whether you already have luscious strands of hair or you have loose ones that break when you wash your hair, the conditioner will help you retain the strength of your strands. The good news is that when you use the conditioner, it is easy to disentangle strands that are entangled. You can also brush and style your hair after conditioning it and rinsing it.

Their hair products are also known for being moisturizing. If you have a dry scalp, you can use their hair products to ensure that your hair stays moisturized at all times. The beauty of their products is that you will not have build-up in your scalp because of oiliness. In fact, the required amount to be applied is prescribed and if you follow their directions you will be on your way to beautiful hair in no time.

Wen hair by Chaz Dean also have hair treatment which is used by most women as a styling oil. All you have to do is apply some of it on to your hair after washing it and then style it as you wish. The treatment makes the hair look lustrous and glowing and the styling is set for almost the whole day. To learn more about Wen hair products and see if it is right for you, you can visit the Sephora website, or watch some of the many videos out there specific to the brand

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You Could Get With This, Or You Could Get With That

With all of the Shea butter products out there, a consumer bears the task of deciphering which one is best for them. Chances are they’re wondering what is different from the generic brands they commonly walk past and the more upscale Shea butter brands such as EuGenia. Frankly speaking, the answer is quite simple. The generic brand is less authentic, usually containing roughly as many ingredients that are bad for you as the ingredients that are good for you. For obvious reasons, you get what you paid for. In this case, it is a generic, watered down version of Shea butter with minimal results at most.

On the other hand you have EuGenia Shea butter, which guarantees results and is worth every penny. Also, it contains significantly more Shea content, which is why we we buy Shea butter in the first place! The difference in refined and unrefined Shea butter is staggering. Refined Shea butter contains fillers, which is oftentimes inferior oils. Also, the Shea butter is stripped of its nutrients.

In the refinement process, hexane is used to break open the Shea seeds, thus removing the beneficial properties of altogether. With EuGenia products, you can be rest assured you are getting a quality product every single time. Every time a EuGenia product s purchased, 15 percent of the profits go back to fund education in Ghana. With EuGenia, not only are you purchasing a superior product, but you are also supporting a cause. You are supporting the betterment of a community. Too bad the same can’t be said about those generic brands of Shea butter in aisle 6.

Shared Office Space Works In NYC


Finding the right kind of working space is not always easy. Any work space must meet certain criteria. This often means enough space for the worker to stretch out as well as space for the worker to interact with other colleagues and with clients. One solution that has been increasingly popular in recent years is that of the co-working space. As a recent article in the Harvard Business Review points out, the co-working space can have all kinds of unexpected advantages. Studies are showing that co-working can be the ideal arrangement, one that allows people new kinds of unexpected opportunities and may even lead to tremendous career growth. The use of such spaces is only expected to grow in the future.

Interactive Learning

Perhaps the most amazing thing about such spaces is that they are able to provide people with the chance for interaction. Interaction is vitally important in life today. The ability to interact with others is a skill set that needs to be developed. When companies share spaces, they are able to learn from other companies how best to do business in life. They are able to discover that another company may have a different way of doing business and learn from that company. This leads to happiness all around and an increased ability to see the world through different eyes. Such synergy can help employees be better at their jobs and capable of learning new things more effectively. The shared space can then become a place where all can learn how to be better at all aspects of their jobs.

Working @ Workville

Why spend forever sifting through listings for New York offices for rent when you can work at Workville? Workville is a company in New York that offers shared office spaces. At Workville, they know that it can be hard to find the right space in this region. This is why they offer shared work spaces for their customers. Doing so can help any company in the region save funds and still have the prestige of a New York City address that is right for their needs. Those who work with Workville have a company on their side that is dedicated to offering the best possible working space for any company. With their help, the right office space is easy to find. This is true even for those clients who are on a budget.

How Does White Shark Media Avoid Consumer Complaints With Proper Service?

White Shark Media is a proactive firm committed to service in web design and management. Their staff are consummate professionals who have chosen to work in the most creative environment possible, and this article explains how a team of creative people avoids consumer complaints. Complaints rarely happen at White Shark Media Complaints team due to their formula for offering customer satisfaction.

#1: Regular Communication

Regular communication is valued at White Shark Media to avoid problems that occur when clients feel left out. A client may sit for several days in wonderment about the next step in their project, and a traditional web design firm may wait quite a while before offering feedback. White Shark stays on top of every situation to ensure no client is left without answers.

#2: Regular Input

Regular input from both sides amounts to a planning meeting that may happen at any time. White Shark prefers to offer ideas to clients, and clients may counter with their own ideas that ensure the site or webpage adheres to their personal style. White Shark does not make a move without the extensive and expansive input offered by their clients.

Video Review

#3: When Do Projects Stop?

Projects at White Shark Media do not stop until the client is completely satisfied. Clients may spend weeks on a single project, and there may be long gaps in productivity as a client tests the work they have received. White Shark is pleased to offer deliverables when the clients makes requests, and White Shark ensures each client is offered the opportunity to receive edits where necessary.

White Shark Media has avoided consumer complaints with a carefully-selected formula that includes client awareness and editing. Every client on the White Shark rolls today receives input on their most current projects, and clients are included in every step of the process up to and after the point at which deliverables are sent.
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Malini Saba Success, Motivation to Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Over the years, I have learned that the greatest secret to success believes in you. In as much as you have a good idea, you will only experience the fruits of the idea, or rather the success of the notion upon implementing it and ripping the benefits. To take the step to begin takes a lot of confidence; believe in yourself and your idea to make it work. Not allowing anything hinder you from that which you long to achieve is a significant step. One may have a lot of people encouraging them to pursue their idea, but failure to believe in one crumbles the whole idea.

Take the chair of Saban, Malini Saba, for example; she has risen to be the world’s top investor and philanthropist of Asian origin. From just a humble beginning, but always trusting her guts, led her to be greatest leaders of a lifetime and investor in some of the world’s most significant ventures. Such as the oil and gas in China, real estate in Australia and China, and technology companies in the US. Her passion for helping others also lead her to start, Stree; Global investment in women; a non-profit making organization inaugurated by the US president Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor. The movement provides means for women to access healthcare, legal empowerment and also a means of encouragement for all women. The foundation aims at proving that from whatever level they are at; they can be better. It is achieved through uniting women from all over the world.

Her success points being: trusting her instincts and not allowing anything to pull her down despite whatever force is applied. Be it the corruption of the countries she intends to invest in or law suites pinned on her, she shakes them off and emerges a victor; leaving a better ground for those who will trend through it. The greatest strength is the ability to interpret market trends and then taking the paths others are afraid to take.

I don’t believe in a right or wrong business idea. Every idea is great, provided it is implemented and used for the greater good. A business venture not only benefits the entrepreneur but also has a more significant impact on those around, whether directly or indirectly benefiting from the investment. Find your motivation, today, trust in yourself and begin exploring that superb idea you have, to bring change to the entire world

Philip Diehl Reveals Importance of Buying Gold

Philip Diehl, the current President of the US Money Reserve, recently gave an interview in which he discussed the importance of American citizens purchasing gold in this economy. During the interview, Diehl listed many factors that played a role in peoples’ decisions to purchase gold, and described a few economic factors that drove gold sales. Philip Diehl also communicated during the interview for US Money Reserve, the importance of saving collected gold over time and passing it down from generation to generation. According the Diehl, an investment in gold helps to secure the future of families in the United States and around the world.

The most important reason of US Money Reserve for making a significant investment in gold in this society, according to Philip Diehl, is to procure a true source of trade for one’s family in the case of economic downturn. Mr. Diehl emphasized during the interview that gold is one of the few sources of real money on the earth. The term “real money” refers to the fact that the money that American citizens and the majority of citizens around the world have become accustomed to using is actually not money at all, but a form of currency. According to US Money Reserve, currency is simply a government issued piece of paper that is supposed to be backed by a true form of money, like silver and gold.

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Gold & Silver | Precious Metals

Although United States currency was once backed by legitimate sources of money like silver and gold pieces, it is now worthless for all intents and purposes. The currency that is currently printed in the United States of America is backed by a banking system called the Federal Reserve System, which (despite its name) is not operated by the federal government and should be considered a violation of the constitution of the United States. Nevertheless, the entire United States monetary system is run by the Federal Reserve System monopoly, and is currently printing more money than could ever be backed by any true source of money.

When you combine the fact that the United States is now circulating more money than can possibly be backed by legitimate sources of money with the fact that the United States is in debt by an amount that would be impossible to pay back if all the money that is circulating around the entire world were given toward the debt, and its easy to understand the point that Phillip Diehl made repeatedly during the interview. The purchase of gold has become vital. More information can be found here.

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